Tuesday, May 12, 2015


OK everyone ... we've built our group pinning board and it is going great --- and a big thanks to all who have joined and are pinning away!  Now if you've missed it, Sandy and I have a group board on pinterest. We want to make it so huge people stumble over it when they come in to pinterest :+)  It's easy to do if you belong to pinterest.

First, go to our board by clicking on the following link and follow us (by clicking on the follow box at the top of our pinterest page)

OK I guess it's not clickable -- since when?? (Since we started a blog on blogspot I guess :+)  SOOO just copy and paste the above link into the URL line and THAT will take you to our pinning board! :+)

THEN email me and let me know you've followed us, and include the exact name of YOUR board when you write me --- so I can find you :+)  (email me at annswhimsey@gmail.com)

I will then send you an invitation -- it will come to you IN pinterest.  Watch your feed (upper right hand corner in pinterest --- the "you" column will be where you see it).  It will say you've been invited and gives you the option of either accepting or declining.

After you accept, the next time you start to pin one of your items, your list of places to pin will have "Those Broads from Etsy" in it.  You can pin an item more than once, so pin it to your board. Then when you are taken back to your Etsy page, just click on the red "pin" on Etsy and this time when the list comes up, select "Those Broads" as where to pin it.

Right now we don't have a daily limit so you can go nuts pinning :+)  Come join us ... the followers of everyone who is pinning on the board will see all of your pins too!

AND for everyone who joins or who already has joined, be sure to click on "like" for other pinners items to get them out there to everyone!

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