Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Margaret is amazing --- I thought we had THREE from her -- nope we have FOUR from her --- I said trifecta -- is there such a thing as a quadfecta?  :+)  Isn't this beautiful???!!! AND Margaret is FireFlyGirl777 (click on the name and look at her shop!)

A Quiet Mysterious Mood...

"Work as if you were to live 100 years; pray as if you were to die tomorrow."~ Benjamin Franklin
Art Print Still Life Owl Bird Attic Moon Artist Studio Art Giclee from Original Oil Painting The White Owl by k Madison Moore
French Bulldog, Cast Iron, Hubley #304, Early 20th century, Vintage Antique Collectible Dog Figurine
Canvas and Leather Handmade Mason Bag, Knitting Tote with Sheep
Kitten Watercolor Painting Art Print, Cat Painting, Cat Wall Art
Peach orchid - short sleeve skater dress
vintage oil painting on wood oval Green fields and plains
Lion's Paw shell necklace, Hill Tribes necklace, Sterling silver medallion necklace, Sterling silver necklace, Swarovski necklace
Arm jewelery, Slow fashion, artist bracelet,exclusive cuff, antiqe buttons, trim, glove soft leather, rectangular,  haute couture,
Wild life photography, Deer photo, Bambi picture, Deer print, Canada nature photography
A child with sled in hand and a fresh snowfall, leads to a friends house for an afternoon of sledding.
Sunset Glow Art, Restored ANTIQUE ART Print, Beautiful Print of Sunset Over a Dutch Seaport  #150
Handmade Leopard Print and Leather Mason Bag, Purse, Cross Body
Jungle  earrings, Leopard clip, Statement jewelry, Clay jewelry, Vintage jewelry, Big earrings, Jungle tribal earrings, Pocahontas earrings
Set of 5 Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders - Hanging Wire - Patio Decorations - Farmhouse Wedding Candles - Wedding Candle Holders - Rustic
SOFT Vintage T-Shirt (1970s-1990s) - Mystery Shirts
Home Is Wherever Im With You - Leather Passport Holder - Genuine Leather Passport Cover - Travel Gift Case Holder

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  1. Another lovely Treasury enabling one to visit and meet new Etsy folk. Thanks for the chance. All followed, faved and other wise promoted.


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