Monday, June 29, 2015


OK -- I know there are a lot of business owners here who are feeling down --- not getting sales, not getting traffic .... and I'm not going to sound like a certain place we sell and tell you to go read your descriptions, brush up your tags etc etc .... but I am going to give you a couple of ideas that aren't canned and brought out every year during the summer :+)  This weekend the summer officially begins ... in most peoples' minds. SOOO what to do during July and August?

First ... right now every retail store IRL is ordering Christmas items.  After the Fourth of July, everyone (well my dear hubby excluded and probably a few other male type people) think "good grief, five more months and we'll be in December".  That is especially true of crafters -- whether they sell their items or make them as gifts. SO while it's slow for a few weeks, it's the time that those of you who make Christmas items to sell get your fannies in gear and start making; and for those who sell supplies, get your fannies in gear and start filling the shop.

Hubby and I have "graduated" to that point in life (old) where our daughter now has Christmas each year. He has put up with Christmas trees for decades --- he does not LIKE putting up nor taking down Christmas trees. SO this year I was going to give the children ornaments from over the years -- then they pointed out to me that when the grandkids came along I changed from the old fashioned ornaments to Hallmark because that's what the GRANDkids liked :+)  SOOO they have no sentimental attachments to the ornaments. I've put back the grandkids' favorites -- and I'm selling the rest in my shop. SO while it's over 100 degrees outside, I'm busy taking pictures of Christmas ornaments.

Of course I still don't have ALL my items in my new inventory system, so I'm working MY fanny off (oh how I wish that was literal) still sorting inventory. My goal is to have everything sorted in the inventory boxes,  and ready to go into the shops by August first when Christmas hits crafters big time. AND I'm taking inventory of my shipping supplies and getting my shipping area of the office also set up -- last year I ran out of envelopes twice during the holidays --- and it's not like envelopes spoil if they sit around -- so I've ordered plenty, along with all the other things needed for packaging.

Sandy and I both use this time to make plans for the rest of the year for the shops. It's something everyone should be doing --- if you have a friend who sells, exchange ideas with him or her. If you are the only person you know who sells on line, just get a fun notebook and start making plans --- and start working on them. New things to make, new ideas to use for your shop, new marketing plans.

SOOO if you are feeling blah because of no sales, ignore the blahs and get busy with new ideas and new programs. And NO you don't have to go "freshen up your shop and tags" like the E place merrily tells you each year --- but if you've done all of the above, well then you might just want to check the the tags a time or two :+)  Ann

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  1. Great post Ann, this should uplift a few spirits sending them in a positive mental direction. Hopeful with physical action not far behind. I came to this conclusion about two weeks ago about my booth is Bardstown as it is slow as well. My fabric store has gotten some Christmas material in and that is where I am Headed now. You and your have a great fourth and be safe.


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