Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NEW TREASURY and a BIG Thank You to Xiao For A Treasury of Ann's Favorite Things :+)

I think most of you know by now, that my favorite things in this world (besides my grandchildren and sometimes their parents :+), are four footers, furballs ... especially the d-o-g ones (I can't just spell it out in here or our little guy would have to go in for therapy ... he doesn't know he isn't human)  :+)  I LOVE this treasury and a big thank you to Xiao. Right now her shop is on vacation, but when she opens it again, I hope you'll visit her.  It's XYGeneral Store.

Vintage pet prints

Vintage 1920s Family Pets Print
COCKER SPANIEL Dog Print, Puppy Print, Wall Decor, Wall Art, Antique Decor, Interior Design, Lucy Dawson, 1930s Home Decor, Dog Decor, B-3
Antique 1879 Winter Pets Print in Frame H. Hallett & Co. Portland Maine
Dog Art Print, Dog Anatomy, Veterinary Science, 1980s Colorful Book Illustration, Ready to Frame - Buy 2 Prints, Get a 3rd Free
Personalized "Veterinary Care" Art Canvas
1965 FRISKIES CAT FOOD Advertisement • Funky Orange Tabby Cat • 1960s Retro Advertising Wall Decor Photo Animal Print Pet • 60s Vintage Ad
1961 Ken L Ration Dog Food Vintage Advertisement Pet Wall Art Animal Decor Original Magazine Print Ad Poodle Paper Ephemera
Frida Khalo with her pet baby deer Granizo (1939) Old Photos =Reproduction Antique/Vintage Photo Photograph Giclee Print
Fox and Girl Unusual Vintage Photography Victorian Edwardian Sepia or Black White from Cabinet Card Photo Print Cute Pet Fox
Vintage Animal Prints for Framing  Hayes Our Pets Published by Hayes School Publishing Company, 10 Prints 9 by 11 3/4 Inches
1913 Set of 3 Dog Prints, Vintage Family Pets, Dog rings bell
Dog Puppies Little Boy "I Need Money" Antique Art Print Restored - 1930s Frances Tipton Hunter - Pet Store  #190
Vintage Print RESTORED  - Cocker Spaniels -  Boy With Dog Family - A Friend Indeed - Boy Fixes Pup's Paw - Mamma Dog and Babies #196
Injured Puppy, Boys Take Puppy to Medical Doctor, Forget the Vet, Antique Restored Print, 1926 Print RESTORED Art  #54
Vintage Art "Nurse and Patient" - Little Girl Nurse Cares for Dog - Restored Vintage Art, 1950s Print Restored  #38
Original photograph Betty White & Mary Tyler Moore - "Pet Set" - c. 1970's - Television

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