Monday, June 1, 2015

NEW TREASURY "HERO" ... And THANK You Firefly Girl -- You're MY Hero!!!

What a neat idea for a treasury! Thanks so much to Firefly Girl for curating it ... and a special thanks to you for including my print of the boy taking care of his sick pup!!!  I hope everyone will share this with their circles AND that you'll go visit Firefly Girl's shop ..... FireflyGirl777  (just click on that store name and you're there!)

Looking for a Hero... who saves the day and/or leads the way.. For good karma, heart, comment and share! *Please*...
Thor print, Thor poster, Avengers poster, Superhero posters, Marvel print, Art, Hero Illustration, Abstract, Wall art, Artwork, Comic poster
You have to be your own hero Quote Super Hero Upcycled vintage comic book art print. #0018
Handmade Pottery Mug pottery and ceramics My Hero teal and brown by Jewel Pottery
Marvel Comics, Super Heros Print Circle Infinity Scarf
My Dad My Hero  vintage silverware hand stamped spoon
SAINT FRANCIS of Assisi prayer Cuff Bracelet St. francis brass or stainless steel
Shazam - Superhero Comic Book Necklace on 18 inch Sterling Ball Chain - Recycled sterling silver
Woman Portrait Watercolor Painting Art Print, Beauty Fashion Illustration
Brass Frog Button Tack Thumbtack Pushpin for Cork Bulletin Board
Young Goy Cares for Sick Dog, "Get Well NOW" 1920s Restored Antique Art, Restored Vintage Art  #41
Oh the Humanity (ORIGINAL DRAWING) 8" x 10" in a 8" x 10" frame by Mike Kraus
Grumpy Cat Smoking Pipe Sailor With Anchor Tattoo - Cool Funny Acrylic / Plastic Animal Colorful brooch Pin - Great Cat lovers Gift Souvenir
Miniature Butterfly, Monarch, Danaus Plexippus, Dollhouse Scale, 1:12, 1/4" Wingspan, 6 mm, Micro, GFF
Pendant Necklace some people look up to their heroes, I'm in love with mine Vintage Style Brass or Silver Pendant Hymn Drop Military love
Save our Bees Bracelet BR10270
Decorative Upcycled Dictionary Art Print - Classic Comic Book Super-Hero: - Sweet!!  Order Matted Ready-to-Hang Gift or Just the Print.

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