Friday, June 12, 2015


OK I wrote perhaps a couple of weeks ago about my hubby "teaching" me inventory control ... with his deep thought "use numbers, you never run out of numbers".  WELL .... shhhh ... I never said this got that???? He was right!!! I'm into week three of inventory control and finding the items my shoppers order has never been easier!  (If you tell him I said that, I'll deny it!!!)  I'm not by any means done yet BUT ... my office has gone from total chaos to clean ... the inventory room and the family room (in essence a pre-inventory room) have gotten BETTER .... and I'm inspired to keep working on this until EVERYTHING is NUMBERED!!!  :+)  I made the mistake after day one,  of telling him "this really IS a lot better".  He's now saying he is going to charge a consultant's fee!

I am too embarrassed to put a before picture on BUT --- take a look at my inventory thus far --

Now since I've taken the above picture, I've replaced the box on the right with one to match the three bankers' boxes on the left AND I've added four underneath the table. ANYTHING that is sturdy and small  enough to fit into a numbered envelope goes into these, with the names of the shops on the boxes. Three shops are sorted now with one to go. Three shops fit into eight boxes and the items that are large are neatly arranged (and yes numbered) in the huge wardrobe where these items used to be housed.

It also helped me find items I'd forgotten to renew or remove from inventory AND I was able to empty a filing cabinet where I kept Whimsey's hankie inventory (by numbers even then) -- since it's now in a neat box. His next suggestion is use the filing cabinet for the smaller of the larger items .. and THEN use the wardrobe for the really large stuff. I'm going to do that, but I'm not going to TELL him I'm doing that -- I'm not about to pay him a consultant's fee!!!  :+) (Oh and the stuff you see under the table I was able to move a bit -- all of my packaging items have been sorted into boxes also, underneath the packaging table. WHAT A GUY!!!  :+)   Ann

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