Sunday, June 7, 2015


Sandy our resident recluse made this --- is this KEWL (that's how my 16 year old granddaughter spells it) or WHAT?  I love everything on there -- I remember wearing saddle shoes!  I remember our son had a wild wild shirt like the one in the bottom row. Who could forget the turtles and the smurfs have never died out have they??? GREEN STAMPS ... if I went shopping and didn't remember to bring home the GREEN STAMPS Mother would threaten me with death. Oh Sandy this is sooo neat! THANK you.  AND everyone please share this so everyone can have fun remembering when ... be sure to follow our blog ... AND go see Sandy at her shops:  Hugs and Holidays, Peaches and Corn, and Craft Stuff Depot (click on the names, they'll take you to her shops)

Staying Young's not about beauty cream :) It's that feeling you get when you get lost in your childhood memories. Enjoy and love on every vendor for having these fun things. Then go tell all of cyberspace :)
Paper Dolls, Hayley Mills Child Star, Walt Disney Star Paper Dolls, 1964 Paper Dolls Excellent Condition  #2
Toy Train, 1970s Fisher Price Toy Train "Toot Toot" - 40+ Year Old Boys' Toy
Sperry and Hutchinson Company Quick Saver Book Green Stamps
Wonderful Vintage 1960s Murray Tricycle by Viktor Schreckengost
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fabric Gift Tote Bag, Gift Wrap, Happy Birthday, Christmas, Turtle Cartoon Fabric, Children, TV, Movie
Vintage Black and White Faux Leather Saddle Shoes Girls Size 2
100 Antique Marbles, 1920's-1950's,  Peltier, Akro, Vitro, Master, Marble King, Etc.  Worth Hundreds of Dollars
Vintage 1983 Smurf Glass, Harmony Smurf , Peyo, Cartoon, Tumbler, Glassware, Blue, Brown, White, Red
Peanuts Lunch Box, 1959, Charles Schulz, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus
Fat Boys - The Twist - with stupid Def vocals by Chubby Checker - 45 vinyl record
Snow White and 7 Dwarves Rubber Dolls. 1960s Ledra Plastics and Walt Disney Figurines. Rubber Squeak Toys.
My Size BARBIE Doll, Frozen ELSA & ANNA Aqua Stripes Dress
Vintage Bentley Portable TV
Vintage 70s Hippie Bell Bottoms - 70s Pant Set - Retro Crop Top - Plaid Suit Set - XXS - XS
DEVOWEVO 60's Twiggy Mod Collar Shirt ~ vintage
vintage 70's - 80's Women's Roller Skates. 'New Old Stock'. -Chicago- w/ 60 mm urethane wheels. US Size 8

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