Thursday, July 9, 2015


LOVE this, Margaret --- and thank you so much for making it --- and for including my little 'gal in the garden' :+)  I hope all of you who visit will share this in all of your social media avenues, and then you'll go see Margaret's shop --- fireflygirl777 (you know by now, click on the shop name and you're there!) Thanks again so much, Margaret!

"Things Outside You are Projections of What's Inside You...

.and what's inside you is a projection of what's outside. So when you step into the labyrinth outside you, at the same time you're stepping into the labyrinth inside." ~ Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore
Handmade cutting board, vintage style, great for holidays, combine with tea or spices!
Cross Bottles | Altered Bottles | Adorned Bottles | Decorated Bottles | Soldered Bottles | Religious | Bottle Art | Crystal Cross Bottles
Set of 10 Persian Blue Blown Glass Goblets 18cm by Biot, France
Arcade 118 Toy Sedan Car, Model A, Original Red, Original, ca 1920s, Collectible Antique
Canvas and Leather Handmade Mason Bag, Bon Voyage Cross Body
License Plate, New York, OFFICIAL, Vintage Antique, Automotive, Signs, NY Souvenir, Collectible
Vintage Handmade Key Holder Wall Hanging Houses
Vintage Handmade Raggedy Ann Doll
Painted wood bracelet Wood bangle bracelet  Butterfly Relief painting Decorative bracelet Blue Azure
Vintage Print  "Grow Garden Grow" 1937 RESTORED Art Little Girl Gardener, Little Girl's Room Art, Gift for Gardener  #86
Marine Cityscape Watercolor Painting Art Print, Watercolour Art, Nautical Sea Modern Art
Abstract Heart Painting Original Modern Art Love Hearts Rich Jewel Pastel Colors Salmon Pink Blue Paint Splashes Collage Romantic Minimal
Crochet jewelry belt with fabric ornaments, jeans optics, Slow Fashion, Jeans Belt, noble, extraordinary,haute couture belt, Statement belt
Queen of the antique shops. 5x7 photo matted to 8x10 inches
Hollow Book Safe The House on the Roof Cloth Bound vintage Secret Compartment Security hiding place
Skull boho knotted necklace - Boho chic bronze Dia De los Muertos mixed metal, semi precious rustic jewelry

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