Monday, July 20, 2015

DON'T FEEL GUILTY (Says our Resident Hermit) PLUS Get New Items Seen

Hi Crafters and Followers, 

This is your Resident Hermit Sandy here with a little guilt relief.  Yes, you heard me right.....Guilt Relief :)

If you are like me, sometimes you may feel that you spend so much time on your crafting or sewing that family, house, and other things may get a little neglected. (Well, maybe every once in a while....LOL) 
I absolutely love staying up late at night sewing while the rest of the world has been quietly shut down. The phone doesn't ring, the kids (and the hubby) are asleep, the outside is quiet, and everything on television is just boring enough to be heard and not seen.

Well, hold your guilty head up high and proclaim with pride that July 25, 2015 is National Thread The Needle Day!!!  So cut that fabric you've been hoarding, thread that needle, and have at it..........yeah!!!!!!

If you will send me or Ann a picture of what you have been making during the month of July, we will make a collage of your beautiful creations on Those Broads From Etsy Blog :)  You have the month of July to finish your project and send us the picture.  The collage will appear on the blog in August.

PS from Ann:  Send the pictures to

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