Sunday, July 12, 2015


Hi everyone.  FIRST a big thank you to all of our followers and visitors and supporters!  This month Sandy the Hermit and I are celebrating the one year "birthday" or anniversary if you'd like, of Those Broads from Etsy. And of course it would not have been possible without all of you and your support.

SO we are giving gifts to you -- well this week to two of you.  This week, from now until Friday the 17th at midnight, you can enter to win one of the art prints I (Ann) restore --- your choice. At the moment I have over 200 to choose from so you should be able to find one you like for yourself or that you'd like to put back for a friend for Christmas.  AND our resident hermit (aka Sandy) will give $5.00 of any item in either of her shops to whomever's name is drawn. Her shops that you will be able to chose from are Hugs and Holidays and Craft Stuff Depot.  AND we are NOT putting you on the dreaded email list; we are not (boogie boogie) selling your email. We are giving away two gifts so get your names in. After a year, you pretty much know who we are and what our values are :+)

If you would like to enter send an email to:
IN the email please type your first name, your email, and the word "enter".

This coming Friday at midnight my hubby (the inventory control guy as he likes to be called these days :+)  --- will draw two names.  Those two people will get to come in and select their favorite print.

You can view what there are to choose from by going to my shop, annswhimsey (click on the store name to get to it) and go to category #3 -- Art Prints -- and see if there are some you like.

Again, thanks so much to ALL of you who've followed us and supported us. A special thanks to those who have entered our contests, participated in the shop, joined in and commented ... I hope we can keep yapping and promoting all of our shops on Etsy for a LONG time!!! Ann

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