Friday, July 10, 2015


Again, many thanks to Margaret for another of her wonderfully curated treasuries!  I LOVE the colors, and I love, love, love the theme!  Thanks for including me!  And our visitors probably already know what I'm going to ask --- call me a broken record :+)  Please share this across your social media, and then please visit Margaret's shop.  She is on Etsy and her shop is fireflygirl777.  Just click on the name of her shop and you're there!

"When You Feel Homesick..."

..he said, "just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go."~ Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch Please heart, click and share if you are so inspired! It would be appreciated by all of the talent represented here1 ♡♡♡♡
Art Print Still Life Owl Bird Attic Moon Artist Studio Art Giclee from Original Oil Painting The White Owl by k Madison Moore
Sunset in the Desert. Matted fine art photograph.
The Blue Corn Moon And Friend  A tiny  Fairy Moon PRINT
Surreal Face - Surreal Art - Weird Folk Art - Folk Art Face - Grey Abstract - Black Face - Folk Art Collage - Black Grey Abstract
Canvas and Leather Handmade Mason Bag Tote with Raven
Winter Landscape Watercolor Painting Art Print, Nature Modern Watercolor Art
Bag, crochet, luxurious bag crochet artist fabric image in black and off white shades, design, slow fashion
Awe of an Airplane, Little Boy and His Dog, Lantern's Light,  A Taste of Boyhood - RESTORED ANTIQUE Print #42
Vintage Irish Linen Siamese Cats
Book Pendant - I Love You to the Moon and Back - Stamped Copper and Brass with Etched Cover - Can Be Personalized - Mother's Day
Moon River Song Lyric Sheet Music Art Print, Breakfast at Tiffany's Art Print, Song Lyrics in Spiral, Classic Movie Art Print
FREE US Shipping! Leather Wrap Silvery Moon Bead and Crystal with Vintage Danforth Moon Closure Three Wrap
Surreal moon art, fantasy picture, learning to fly, moon picture, digital photo painting, fine art photography, kids room decor
Beatrix Potter HOMESICK PIG Cuff Links or Tie Tack or Ring or Pendant or Pin
Rubber Stamp - The Ache For Home Lives In All Of Us - Homesick Family Hometown Quote Sentiment - Altered Attic - 00372 - Mounted
Large Agate Gold Druzy Moon Necklace Gold Filled Necklace Crescent Moon Charm Gemstone Necklace

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