Friday, July 3, 2015


Thanks very much, Margaret, for this beautiful art treasury. I LOVE the quote you used and the art you selected.   To those who visit the page, please share this across social media (there are buttons for that purpose at the bottom of this post)  :+)    And you are guaranteeing yourself a pleasant visit by going to see Margaret's shop, FireFly Girl777.  Click on the shop name in this line and you'll be taken there. AND all of you -- have a wonderful holiday!

A Little Art Museum for the Love of Art

" You can Look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life."~Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch
Fine Art Print Interior Still Life from Original Painting, Sunflowers, Wicker Chaise Lounge, Blue Throw Cover, Sunroom, k Madison Moore
Sugar lemons - printed crop top
Lost Children Hoax Antique Photograph, Victorian, Macabre, Weird, Stereocard, Spooky, Lunatiques
Картина маслом 60х80 см, "Path to light", Холст, Масло, Исцеляющие картины, Цветы, Жёлтый
Woman Portrait Watercolor Painting Art Print, Amber Woman Fantasy Watercolour Art
Contemporary Outsider Art - Primitive Face Painting - Staring Eyes Art - Raw Art Face - Lowbrow Portrait - ArtBeartriceM - Beatrice Artist
For the Bride, "The Fairy Bride"  RESTORED Antique Print From Original 1913 Vogue Print, Great for Wedding Shower, Bride and Butterflies
Daisy Field, an original 9" x 12" water color painting, featuring two yellow goldfinches perched on a broken fence in a daisy field.
Goldfinch Watercolor Painting - 11 x 14 - Giclee Print - Bird Art
Original Fine Art Watercolor painting "Pensive."
Original Oil Painting Summer Days Figurative Fine Art TEXTURED Canvas Home Decor
Painting Original, Woman, Strength, Girl, Fine Art, Catherine Darling Hostetter, Gold Frame, 8" x 10" Cathy Darling
Couple at Alamo Park, Painted Ladies San Francisco California Painting by marinelaArt - Acrylic Fine Art on 30" x 24" Large Canvas Paintings
Sunny Honey Bee (Sunflower - 10x10 - Watercolor - Painting - Bee - Wall Decor)
Oil On Canvas - DREAMING - Fine Art Print, Photography fine art print, Art media, Oil, Painting, Geecle canvas prints, wall art, home  décor
Original Painting Gerber Daisy In McCoy Vase With Coral Chair

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