Thursday, July 2, 2015

THANK YOU MARGARET - Wonderful Treasury!!

Our Parade of Treasuries Continues (be sure to look beyond page one of the blog).  This I BELIEVE is #6 for the day and a BIG thanks to Margaret also known as fireflygirl777 on Etsy. Please share this treasury across your social media! AND please visit Margaret's shop --- click on the name of it in the second line of my babbling :+)

Style vs Fashion...

"I still appreciate individuality. Style is much more interesting that fashion, really."~ Marc Jacobs
Custom Cat Portraits Cats in Clothes Original Oil Painting Cat Art  Exercising Arnold Swartzenwagger  k Madison Moore
Outsider Art Print - Folk Art Face - Primitive Art Print - Beatrice Artist - Art Brut Print - Contemporary Portrait - Raw Art Face
Hey Firefighters! Hey Friends of Firefighters!  Fire Girl Print, Tasteful Pinup - Restored Wall Art  #156
Metal Sign, Keep Off the Grass, Vintage Collectible, Warning Sign, Industrial
Handmade Russian Blue Cat Doll OOAK
Hello Spring Watercolor Painting Art Print, Modern Watercolour Art
Carved bone earrings, Sun & Moon earrings, Moon and Cresent earrings, Bali earrings,  Sterling silver earrings, Dangle earrings
I took a walk Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1960 Matchbox 24
Strawberry dessert - tank skater dress
Dr Who Art, Dictionary Art, Print, Poster, Upcycled, Tardis, Time Machine, Gift, Home Wall Decor, Dr. Who fan gift, approx 8 x 10 inches
4TH JULY SALE Silver and Gold Frog Brooch with Genuine Austrian Crystals Vintage In the Original Box
Cloth art doll-Art doll Frida- Fabric doll-Cloth doll Frida-  OOAK doll- Textile doll Frida-Frida Kahlo-Frida doll-Human figure doll-Frida
Introvert gift Dimitri Zaik quote " Alone " framed embroidery 8x10- adjustable in color Healthy Love relationship Individuality sign
Wristlet by LuLu Guiness
OSTRICH Print from an original watercolour painting by artist Maria Moss Available in 4 sizes.
World map art print, Watercolor world map 14x11", Printable Wall Art, Watercolor poster, digital typography poster print. INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

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