Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Benefits That Go With My Job

We all know that a position with good pay and benefits is what everyone is taught to look for when searching for a job. SOOO as an on-line shop owner, I want to tell you about my benefits. I DON'T have retirement, I don't get sick days.  There is no paid vacation, no 401-K. I usually work all holidays and the boss (she's such a tightwad) never takes me out for lunch. BUT I have better benefits in this job, as owner of annswhimsey and Peaches and Corn, than I ever had when I worked in the medical community and in job placement. I know, it sure doesn't sound like it does it?  BUT I have over 1000 shoppers, of whom one or two will make my day, every day of my life. I've been part of many joyous times with my shoppers. They've shared the good times with me, they've shared some bad times with me. I've laughed with them, I've cried with them, and many have become friends whom I cherish as much as my IRL (in real life) friends. I never even get tired of taking pictures and listing items because my mind whirls with "just wait until Sherry sees this", or "I've GOT to show Cindy this", or "Bev is gonna flip when she sees this" AND not necessarily because they are going to buy it but because I'm going to get an email saying "WHERE did you find THAT?" or "you are crazy, you know?".

I've been included in new baby planning, tea parties, graduations, and weddings. I have a scrapbook full of new baby pictures, of pictures of nursery walls with my prints on them, and of people opening gifts that have been purchased in one of my shops. I have wedding pictures, photos of items made with something from my shop, photos of a boss opening a gift from an employee who shopped with me.  My world has expanded at least 1000 times since I opened the doors to my shop.

Now I'd like you to see some beautiful pictures I have.  The bride is a very fortunate young lady, who has parents who were thrilled to have a wedding to plan and present --- and talk about going over the top --- well Cindy and her husband gave their daughter a wedding filled with beauty and bathed in the love of her parents.  That's how I met Cindy, who is a dear, dear client, and one of my most memorable shop visitors ... and one I consider a friend. I received a huge order of hankies with a note telling me she (Cindy) was  not a collector nor a nut of some kind ... these would be used in her daughter's wedding. Then I received another order, and then another.  They used them for decorations, they used them for the tables .... and today she sent me photos.  So let me share them with you ... the work, the planning, and the joy Cindy and her husband experienced as they "built" this event for their daughter is beyond measure.  And what a wonderful tribute of their love for their daughter. I'm sure she knows how blessed she is.

The father of the bride built both the gazebo and the bridge for the reception. How beautiful these are and how special the bride and groom must have felt with these testaments of his love for them.

And Cindy purchased dozens upon dozens of hankies to decorate the outdoor area (isn't it beautiful?) and the tables with. She chose hankies of the wedding colors, and they were on the tables and scattered throughout the wedding and reception areas.

After Cindy had all of the hankies purchased, the wedding planned down to the final detail, I told her "you  know, what would be really, really neat is after the wedding, you take these hankies and make them into a quilt for their first Christmas".  I told her that, sort of tongue in cheek, knowing how exhausted she must be and expecting her to say, "Hey Ann, why don't YOU make a quilt for them?" BUT in true Cindy form, she said, "Hey, I hadn't thought of that. THAT is a good idea!". What a wonderful lady, this shopper of mine is. And what wonderful parents she and her hubby are ... and THIS is one of my "benefits" as a shop owner ... being blessed to have met Cindy!

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