Friday, August 14, 2015

CAREGIVER AND PATIENT (Another One of Those Reasons I Love to Sell On Line)

I've told you before, I love to sell on line primarily because of the wonderful people I meet. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting two outstanding ladies.  First picture, please :+)

This print in my shop gave me the opportunity to meet Ronnye. When she purchased it, she told me she'd spent a long time in ICU, and while she was there she had many great nurses, but one in particular was over the top.  Macie, her nurse, did not just provide care as nurses are supposed to, but she provided support and carING. She always brightened Ronnye's days and she didn't rush in and out of the room, but took time, when she had time, to visit. Ronnye and Macie learned about each other's lives and loves.  AND one thing Ronnye knew with certainty when she was finally dismissed was that Macie was a wonderful nurse, and Macie's other love was ... have you guessed it?? Yes Macie LOVES dogs.  When Ronnye got home, she wanted to give Macie something special to remember her by and to say thank you in a way that would make Macie smile. She purchased the print above, had it framed, and gave it to Macie.  Next picture please:

Look at Macie smile!  :+)  AND the best part of this story was Macie sent the above picture to Ronnye, who sent it to me to show me how happy that print had made Macie.  THEN that same morning, I got an email from Macie ... also thanking me for making that print available so Ronnye could find it.  She was as sweet as Ronnye had told me ... AND how often does a recipient of a gift from a shop write to that shop to thank the owner?  How often does the buyer send a picture? These two ladies are so wonderful. I'm so glad Ronnye found Macie when she needed her and that they are both such caring people that they allowed me to be a part of this fantastic story!  THANK YOU BOTH!!!!  Ann

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