Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thelma and Louise Go Garage Saling


OK so we really are Ann and Linda ... don't hold that against us!  We did Thelma and Louise proud I'm sure!  Linda is my friend, and she's owner of Lilly's Ambrosia on Etsy (and as usual, click on the name of her shop and you'll be there).  She's my cohort in garage sales, selling on line, and just about in every aspect of life.

SOOOO we decided to try the "garage sales across Iowa" last week. First, the name in itself was kind of a misnomer as the garage sales were "across 100 miles of Iowa" but we didn't quibble.  I'd been on the garage sales across Nebraska before and did not come home a happy camper from those, so we went looking for greener pastures. Sadly, the outcome was the same as Nebraska, as far as the garage sales.  They'd rank about one on a 1-10 scale, but we met some very nice people who were running the garage sales and THEY would be rated an 8 for certain (there are always a FEW bad apples).

After a full day of sales and a lot of disappointment, we stopped at an antique shop at the suggestion of a lady we met in a tavern. NO NO NO WE were not drinking anything but Pepsi. I guess we look friendly because a lady who walked in after we did grabbed a drink at the bar, looked at us, and said "I'm coming over to visit with you" -- and she did. In about 20 minutes we all new each others' life stories -- and she had suggested two local antique stores to stop in -- where we found LOTS of treasures. The following day, instead of hitting garage sales, we scouted out antique shops and came home with a car full of goodies.

We had quite a few adventures OTHER than the sales while we were there.  Now you must have guessed by now, I have a twisted sense of humor --- thus, logically, so does Linda in order to put up with me.  When I tell you the first thing we did was take Linda's mother with us who, by the way, died a few years ago, just know I'm warped in the way I look at life :+) (So is Linda).  Anyway, we did take Mom with us, as Linda had made arrangements with a funeral home to have her ashes buried. We visited the cemetery, we visited Linda's cousins, went out to eat with her cousins, hopped over to AdvertureLand to make reservations for her daughter's family to stay there, and got lost on several occasions (thank goodness for Garmins and iPhones)  :+)   We stayed in very nice hotels until the last night when we found ourselves in the most miserable town in Iowa (name not to be mentioned) and had to settle for the best of four bad places.

Overall, our trip was a 10 -- we had FUN even when we weren't 100% happy. Poor Linda had to take care of a physically challenged friend (it's beginning to look like I might need surgery on my leg). One of the "good" hotels was a MAZE -- finding our room for two nights and a day was a physical and mental challenge. Linda did a lot of "carrying Ann's bags" while we were there.   Finding Dairy Queens was a must (so Linda found out) --- and finding nice people was very easy.  We went to a farmers' market in Valley Junction which was amazing.  OH and we learned from the funeral director that the places we used to call mortuaries, and that we now call funeral homes, are being pushed towards the name "celebration centers" (give me a BREAK)!!  SO overall a 10 for the people, the food, the antique shops, the cousins and the fun. Sadly a 1 for the garage sales!

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