Wednesday, September 16, 2015


NOW ... I am ONLY trying to be helpful (yes it's me, Ann) :+)  HOWEVER ....  since so many of you who follow us are crafters, and make a lot of your gifts ... well I'm JUST trying to help out.  I know MAKING gifts takes lots of time RIGHT??? I used to do counted cross stitch and a large picture would take me two months of working every night, then pick out the frame and frame it -- oh my. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this. BUT if you are making ... oh say doll clothes for your granddaughter ... well I'm sure you aren't just giving her ONE outfit -- a wardrobe could take weeks!  Making jewelry?  I'm sure you look at the finished product and then see "one little change to make" -- for several days. SOOO I just thought maybe between now and then I should put up a little reminder ... now I won't get it done every day BUT as of Thursday, November 17th ....... (and remember I am doing this just cause I like all of you!!!) ... so as of Thursday November 17th ... there are ....

AND 69 may SOUND like a lot but it would give me only time to do ONE counted cross stitch!!! :+)

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