Tuesday, September 15, 2015


THANK you Margaret for your newest Treasury. It's gorgeous as always and we love you for including thosebroads the shop in with these other beautiful items!!!  I hope everyone will go visit Mrgaret's shop at fireflygirl777 (click on the name to get there). Please share this across your social media too!!! THANKS Margaret!

"The hero must go it alone.."

~Selden Edwards, The Little Book "Any many times the real hero is anonymous, gaining nothing personally from the heroic act or intention, just improving his or her own soul."~ fireflygirl777
Art Print Still Life Interior Seascape Woman Flowers Water Birds Wine Furniture from Original Oil Painting
Breathe Meditation Art, Beach Photography, Inspirational Quote, Coastal Wall Decor, Landscape Print, Wall Art Sayings, Zen Office Decor
TWO SUPERHERO CAPES super hero cape personalized custom monogram many logos and colors boys girls toddler baby cape Christmas birthday gift
Reversible Super Hero Cape
Woman/butterfly portrait, red blue Indigo, conceptual art print, double exposure, unusual original art, feminine wall decor for her
Custom Superhero Cufflinks -  - featured in Seattle Magazine - Recycled sterling silver
Butterflies, Flowers, and Bling, Jewelry for Your Scrapbooking, Crafting Collage, Altered Art, Mixed Media and Other Projects  #144 ok
Penny Stamps, Vintage Vacation Post Cards, Collections, Ephemera, Mixed Media Supply, Travel Pictures (S) ok
Firefly Inspired Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, Stegosaurus Necklace
Captain Jack Sparrow Costume, Boys Prirate Costume
Nature Photography, Cactus Photo, Wall Decor Deserts, Desert Floral Art, Spring Desert Art, Home Decor, Wall Art, Floral Wall Print
Look Up To Sign
Captain Jack  Sparrow
Super cat flying above clouds - original watercolor illustration - cat in cape on blue sky - cat art
Fox Doll Handmade OOAK Toy
David Bowie Heroes Greeting Card

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  1. You are featuring some of the most interesting well thought-out treasuries on etsy, even if I do say so myself!


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