Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thank You LADY MARGARET For Another Beautiful Treasury!!!

Thanks so much, Margaret, for your beautiful treasuries!  They are so loved and appreciated!  I hope all of you who see this will share it everywhere ... Margaret is committed to promoting fellow sellers on Etsy through these wonderful collections. AND go see Margaret at her shop on Etsy at:
fireflygirl777  (just click on the shop name and you're there)

"I realized that these lovely birds were friends, communicated and went on..

according to their plan much as we do. I wondered if a seagull has ever stood watching us, thinking that we are beautiful in some way."~fireflygirl777
Fine Art Print, Picassos Bird Keeper, Doves in Landscape, Pigeons on Table,  Lady Sitting with Birds, k Madison Moore
Bird on the beach - Fused glass pendant - seagull on the beach
Coral Wall Art, Coral Wall Print, Coral Photography, Coral Print, Sea Coral, Coral Decor, Bathroom Art, Coral Picture, Fine Art Photography
Vintage Cameo PILLOW Kit  Inspired by Jonathan Seagull / Crewel / Stamped Linen / Cording / Yarn / 14" square / Paragon Needlecraft Kit 0891
269 - "Evening on the Sea",  8"x 10" original canvas giclee print
Watercolor Seagull II, Seagull II Print
Watercolor and Pastel Painting of Beach Seascape with Flowers and Seagulls by Artist Martha Kisling
Sea scape with very pale maiden, dreay ghost like, drama queen, blue gray white, romantic scene for anyone to enjoy, country chic
Seagull Wall Art--Archival Print of Original Mixed Media Painting--"Seagull Moon"--Pam Kapchinske
Esquire Man At His Best - Vintage 1984 Men's Magazine - World's Best Beaches - Redefining Blue Collar - Sports - Fiction - L. A. Beach Towns
Ear Cuff- Seabird Soaring
Seagull Bird Photo Print TtV Bird Photography - Nature Photography Wall Decor Seaside Birds Wildlife Home Decor Animal Photography 5x5
Summer Beach Lerew Blot Figures original acrylic painting, watercolor paper, figurative, drawing, art, grandpa, granddaughter, vacation,
1st Ed Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Hardback with Jacket, Epic 1970s Fable about a Seagull and his Love For Flying, written by Richard Bach
Happiness Is A Seagull With A Stolen Chip - Wooden Sign
Seagull Seashore Water Humorous Sign Photograph--No Dogs Allowed--Fine Art

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