Thursday, September 24, 2015


I love Fall (okay Margaret, autumn :+) --- so I absolutely am in love with this treasury! Thank you SO much, Margaret.  I hope you'll all share this across social media and that you'll then go see Margaret's wonderful Etsy shop.  Just click here:  fireflygirl777

"In other places,faces change with seasons; autumn brings freshness, excitement..

..Here, the faces are unchanged, clinging to whatever emotions shaped them. They will tighten their ponchos and jackets but their faces and autumns will be constant."~El Otono, La Ciudad: fireflygirl777
Custom Cat Portrait Paintings Cat Art Animal Portraits Pet Portraits by k Madison Moore
Fall Leaf Scallop on Green Orange Bordered Hankie for Collecting, Framing, Sewing, Crafts, Collage  S-9
Square Photo Gallery Wrap, Fall Leaves, Canvas Photo, Autumn Leaves, Canvas Art, Nature Photography, Hearts in Nature, Leaf Art
Trees on hilltop, Fall color photo, dark orange black leaves, dramatic woodland landscape, rustic modern home decor ~ free US shipping
Graduation Card - Inspirational Quote - School Children New Mexico - Available as a Print or a Quote Block - Great Gift (CPIC2013056)
Talking, Walking Blot Figures By Lerew #140224
Gray&Orange Wool Poncho Winter Fashion Poncho Over Size Poncho Gift For Her Grey Wearings For Winter Wool Poncho
8x12 Wooden door in the streets of Mexico City
México Lindo Y Querido
Frida Kahlo Poster, Fine Art Photography, Graffiti Art, Street Art, Pastel Decor, Frida Print, Extra Large Wall Art, 20x24 24x30
Volkswagen Beetle Photography, Classic Car Print, Colorful Wall Art, Warm Tones, White Bug, Bug Art
Raphael Archangel Scapular woven embroidered bracelet
Retablo Folk Art - Whimsical Watercolor Children's Illustration, Graphite Illustration, Orange Autumn Leaves, Umbrella & Cat Art, Original
After The Rain in Jackson Square New Orleans photography
Copper Cottonwood Large Leaf Pendant Necklace, Red Heart Leaf Jewelry, Nature Jewelry, Extra Long Necklace Chain, Leaf Necklace
Oversize PONCHO shawl wool blend flannel blanket scarf Tribal Turkish,mexican shawl scarf,women man winter fashion scarves 2012

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