Thursday, November 19, 2015


THANKS Margaret for including my print in this wonderful treasury!  I hope everyone who sees it will share it across their social media!  AND when  you're done doing that, go see Margaret's shop by clicking on the name here:  fireflygirl777

"Some day you will be old enough.. start reading fairy tales again."~ C.S. Lewis
Fine Art Print, Landscape, Pink Cherry Blossom Trees, White Bridge, Water lilies, Floral Garden Pink Hat in Water, k Madison Moore
Birthday Balloons - Childhood Memories - Birthday Card, Invitation or Frame-able Print - Child's Room Decor (CMEM2013010)
Garden Art, French Cottage, Garden Photography, France Photography, 8 x 12, 11 x 17, 16 x 24, Murray Bolesta, Aquitaine, Gironde
Mother Daughter Art Print, loving mother brunette daughter, paintings, girls room, wall art, garden flowers, mother's day, Vickie Wade art
C.S. Lewis Doll Miniature Author and Writer Classic Literature
Christmas Wall Hanging, Christmas Art,  The Magic of Christmas, Aglow and Alive  #298
Tranquility print, image of original artwork, owls, sweet, romantic
Vintage Oil Portrait Modern Older WOMAN Gray Hair Flowers Impressionist c. 1960s Painting
The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway / FIRST EDITION / 1952 / Modern First Edition Books / Vintage Ernest Hemingway / Hemingway Book
Old-Man's-Beard Flower Fairy Vintage Print, c.1927 Cicely Mary Barker Book Plate Illustration
Grandma Doll, Porcelain Doll, Vintage China Doll, Dolls, rare dolls, old woman doll, soft body doll, granny doll, collectible doll,
Rare Grimm's Fairy Tales Free shipping!
Fairy Tale Newspaper- ZINE- ISSUE 1- the Filigree
Peter Pan Vintage book, Walt Disney, Children's book, 1989, Little Golden Book
Peter Pan Vintage Print 1931-  J. M. Barrie, Gwynedd Hudson. The Home under the ground. Wendy Favourite time for sewing.
The Old Couple by Norman Rockwell for the cover of Literary Digest April 15, 1922

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