Monday, November 2, 2015


Those Broads From Etsy haven't been really really active these past couple of weeks, I know.  SOOOO now that most of what's happened is behind us, just a short update --- and then you can enjoy a LOT of treasuries that have piled up in the interim.

I (Ann) had hip arthroplasty (hip replacement) done two weeks ago today.  AND I would have been home within four days except I had a terrible reaction to general anesthesia which kept me in the hospital until two days ago.  For those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, you know "be your own advocate" is my personal mantra.  I think I need to revise that to "be your own advocate if you know what you're talking about"  :+)

When we went in for preoperative anesthesia teaching, I was told I would have a subdural anesthesia. I, having worked in healthcare for forever, told them in no uncertain terms I was NOT having a subdural --- I did not want to be able to hear the surgeon if he said "oops", I did not want to hear the nurse say "OMG look at THAT".  They explained I would be given Versaid and would remember nothing. I've had that before and a year later still remember (or so I think I do) everything. SOOOO general anesthesia it was. AND so they were right and I was wrong. I had a horrific negative reaction to the general anesthesia and my four day hospital stay became 10 days.  SO that's why our blog has been so quiet.  (However, Linda is going to learn how to do the day to day maintenance and posts for the blog so this won't happen again -- I've not told her that yet, but it's a given).

One more thing I want to say to any of you who might be facing a similar surgery .... do NOT let the horror stories on the internet have ANY effect on you.  After my diagnosis of cancer I read of ALLLL of the bad things that happen with radioactive iodine treatments --- I suffered NONE of those ill effects. Then, when preparing for the hip replacement I read all of the hysterical offerings of those who had had "more pain than I could bear", "the most awful experience of my life".  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go in and read negative articles and posts about upcoming surgeries or medical procedures.  There are many people who want and need attention out there, and the best way they can fulfill this need is to find a thread, any thread, anywhere on the internet, that someone has started saying how horrible his/her experience was.

Our medical community has come SO far in treatment of SO many kinds of illnesses and surgeries, it is just NOT true. Right now, two weeks out from my surgery, I am still using a walker BUT it's to make sure I don't end up with a permanent limp. At home I also use a cane to go up and down the stairs and to steady myself if I'm walking from one room to another.  At NO time did I have pain that "made me want to die" (a quote from one of the hysteria threads on line).  Pain management is 100% in today's medical community. SO if you are facing a major surgery, just KNOW that it is NOT as bad as you've read, or as you've been told, or as you've imagined.

AND I still believe in personal advocacy but I'm adding a couple shakes of caution to that now. The doctors DO know best, as was proven in my case :+)  NEXT time they tell me a subdural will be my anesthetic I will say "okay" and I will remember to tell them "make sure my earphones are working" :+)  NOW everyone -- back to work!!!  :+)  Ann

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