Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our Shop For Crafters --- Any Crafts, Any Hobbies

As all of you who follow us (thank you!!) know, Sandy, Linda, and I opened Those Broads From Etsy the shop about a month ago. We waited until we had 600 items ready to go, and then opened. Since then, our only problem is we've been so busy we are sitting on piles of inventory and trying to find #1 the time to put them in, #2 the best inventory storage for each of our homes.  This treasury may give you an idea of how far reaching our inventory goes -- from scrapbooking to assemblage.

We would love to have you visit our shop and then tell us what you DON'T see -- things you use for your crafting, things your friends use --- we never leave home without lists :+)  So stop by Those Broads From Etsy (click on the store name) and help us cover all crafts (and yes I know there is not much in the way of jewelry supplies -- there IS but we just don't have them IN the shop yet :+)

Anything and Everythihng for Crafting

Something for every kind of crafting you can think of!
Half of A Beautiful Door Knob, Display Door Knob, Gold Color Knob, Perfect Assemblage or Altered Art Supply  #404 ok
Three Vintage, French Flower Seed Package Labels, Beautiful Floral Designs With French Names #457 ok
Campbells Kids Celebrate Christmas, Wonderful Collectible Campbells Boy and Girl Along with Elf A31  (AI)
Campbells Kids Celebrate Thanksgiving, Wonderful Collectible Campbells Boy and Girl Pilgrims A30  (AI)
DIY Buttons, Three Cameo Buttons New, Unused, Butterfly, Lady Silhouette, Flower Designs  #328
Christmas Miniatures, Ornaments, 12 Figurals, Santa, Christmas Tree, Winter Holidays, Snowman, Wreath, Decorations, Stocking, Retro, #GA1015
QUILTERS ALERT! 1985 American Patchwork and Quilting Hardcover Book - Better Homes and Gardens - GREAT traditional Designs  #582
TWO Playing Cards, Sweet Little Gypsy Card Player, Little Girl Playing Cards, Vintage Cards for Crafting, Scrapbooking, Collage #366 ok
1928 Antique Book Pages from Wonderful 1928 Child's Book, Illustrations, Pictures, Antique Art, Lettering  #7 ok
Vintage Lace Trim, Beautiful Teardrop Pattern Vintage Lace  #19 ok
Beautiful Card of Antique Buttons, Luckyday Buttons, Scrapping, Crafting, ATCs, Altered Art, Mixed Media, Collage, Journals  #88 ok
Set of 10 Personally Designed, Hand Made Christmas Tags for Those Very Special Gifts #86
Card of Antique (Very Antique) Dark Blue, Six Sided Buttons, on Original Card  #295 ok
Antique Wedding Photo, Altered Art, Assemblage, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Wedding Pages, Bride and Groom  #551
Never Used Aunt Martha's Embroidery Transfer Pattern, Clown Designs, Children's Clothes, Pillow Case Embroidery #544  ok
Five CUTTER Hankies, Vintage Hankies for Crafting, Sewing, Quilting, Altered Art, Mixed Media, Collage  #447  ok

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