Monday, November 16, 2015

Thank you Lady Margaret For This Wonderful Treasury

I must first apologize, especially to Margaret, who makes wonderful treasuries each day. I'm feeling pretty good after my surgery BUT am not getting things done quickly as I usually do --- so I'm SO sorry I've not been getting the treasuries in here, and a big apology to you, Margaret!! THANK you for including me in this one ... and thank you for being such a great contributor to our blog. Everyone, go see Margaret's shop ... she has some of the most unique gifts available!  She is at (click on the name of the shop) Fireflygirl777.

" believe that you know a lot about the world, but do you? Do you..

..really? You have only seen the acts of people. Your experiences are limited only to what people have done to you or to others. You know nothing about this mysterious unknown world."~ Carolos Castaneda
Fine Art Print, Still Life, Figurative, Interior, Man in The Mirror, Woman Lounging on Chaise, Brick Wall, Magritte, K madison Moore
Tucson, Wall Art Folkloric, Day of the Dead Art, Mexican Dancers, Dancing Photograph, Dia de los Muertos, Fiesta, All Souls, Orange
Anna Freud Psychiatry Doll Miniature Unique Art
INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE by Plato about Life, Wonder and Wisdom - Also available as a Print or a Quote Block for a Great Gift (CPIC2013051)
Canvas and Leather Handmade Mason Bag, Doctor Bag Bon Voyage Cross Body
HOLIDAY SALE The Argentine pampas,Good Amulet wedding blessings, Rustic Home Decor, good luck horseshoe Vintage horseshoe, worn and rusty ho
HOLIDAY SALE airplane   Lufthansa Airline System  Boeing  747 CE   Schabak
Vintage 1986 Rolling Stone Magazine - Stevie Wonder Cover - Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne Great Ads Great Articles Hey 60's Kids #31
Dangle Lucite Trumpet Flower Earrings - Hand dyed  Pink and red-orange -  Brass Filigree Cone
7 day pill case, Pill box, Pill case, Funny quote, 7 sections, 7 day pill box, Tact, Carlos Castaneda, Kellys Magnets (3998)
I Love You Beach Girl Art Print brunette beach girl writing I Love You heart in sand valentine wall art pink, Vickie Wade art
Birds Singing with Krishna CANVAS REPRODUCTION
Keeping Watch print, image of original artwork, owl, moonlight
Vintage The Atlas of Mysterious Places Book Edited by Jennifer Westwood 1987
Raven as master of the planets. The Stillness Gave No Token.  A decorative CERAMIC TILE wall  art  - 8" x 10".  Free U.S. shipping.
Hamlet Poster, Shakespeare Quote, Literature Poster, William Shakespeare Print, Calligraphy Print, Inspirational Quote, Blue Wall Art, Skull

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