Tuesday, November 17, 2015

THANK YOU MARGARET .... Your Treasuries Are SO Welcome and Appreciated

Margaret curated another beautiful treasury ... I love her titles and I love the colors --- and I appreciate being included in them. Thanks so much.  Please everyone, share this across social media, and then visit Margaret's shop by clicking here:  fireflygirl777

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress...

..dress impeccably and they remember the woman."~Coco Chanel
Original Art Print Still Life Painting of Interior Matisse  from Original Painting by k Madison Moore A Date with Matisse
INSPIRATIONAL CARD - Historic Turn of the Century Photograph - 5" x 7" - Vintage Photo Keepsake Art Card (CPIC2013024)
Fashion Designer Coco Chanel Historical Doll Miniature Art
Butterfly Art, Butterflies, Butterfly Print, Insect Art, Square Print, Square Art, Viceroy Butterfly, Nature Photography, MurrayBolesta
People Magazine 25 Most Intriguing People of '87 Including Princess Di, Gary Hart, Ronald Reagan, Baby Jessica and AIDS Patient Zero #10
Gloss paper Vogue Hat - Famous Photography Chanel Bazaar - Wall decor
Linen Jacquard Red Purse with Leather Trim, Mason Bag Doctor Bag IN STOCK
Chanel Paris Store:  A Fashion Watercolor Fine Art Photographic Print for the High Fashion Lover, Bedroom or Bathroom Fine Art
Watercolor 1950 Chanel Fashion Illustration, Little Black Dress Fashion Sketch, Chanel Wall Art, Girls Room Decor, Teen Bedroom Art
Fashion Illustration print "Loubs and Chanel", Fashion Illustration of  Leopard Louboutins and Chanel bag  By Emily Brickel
Coco Chanel Fashion Illustration Classic Art Print Poster Couture
Coco Chanel Fashion Quote Dictionary Art Print, Recycled Upcycled Vintage Book Page Art, Home or Office Wall Decor
Louboutin Heels and Chanel Fashion Illustration Print- Fashion Wall Art- Chanel Quote- Girls Room Decor- Teen Bedroom
Coco Chanel Fashion God
Chanel Gold Perfume Bottle -  Print - Poster
Louboutin and Red Coat Chanel Fashion Illustration, Fashion Wall Art,  Inspirational Quote, When In Doubt, Bill Blass, Teen Bedroom Art

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