Sunday, November 8, 2015


When one of my customers shops with me and buys an item, I put four business cards in with my thank you note to them.  Hey, my buyers, I hope you are paying attention  :+)  Those cards are for annswhimsey, thosebroadsfrometsy, lillysambrosia, and craftstuffdepot.  I HOPE my customers are paying attention, and hang onto those cards. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, when someone comments on the items you've bought from us and asks where you got it .... remember the answer IS NOT, "I bought it on Etsy".  

Etsy is a huge site that houses anywhere from hundreds of thousands, to millions of stores (they don't give out the numbers willingly).  THAT is all Etsy is.  A host site and the "engine" for these many, many individual stores. So, I'm asking for a holiday gift from you, my buyers.  Please, when you buy from me, and someone says "I love that! Where did you get it?", remember to say "from Anns Whimsey", or "Lillys Ambrosia", or "Those Broads From Etsy", or "Craft Stuff Depot".  

We sellers are all trying to keep the American dream alive (owning our own shops) AND we are very, very, very dedicated to promoting "Made in America".  There are other great shops from the UK, Australia, Europe, Canada .... and they are also dedicated to "Made In ......." (fill in the blank with Canada, Australia, the UK, Israel etc etc.  You help us all by shopping our shops .... and we hope you'll continue to help us by making us "individuals" -- real people with real store names!! 

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