Saturday, December 5, 2015

THANK YOU, Margaret, For This Great Treasury ... a Wonderful Way to Start the Weekend!

Here is another of Margaret's treasuries --- her passion for making them shows through!  Thanks for including two of my shops in here!  Please everyone, share this across social media, and then visit Margaret's shop by clicking right here:  fireflygirl777

"The Bluebird Carries the Sky on his back."~ Henry David Thoreau

A wonderful Etsy seller, Linda Henry, gave me this quote. Apparently it is a book title to a book of poems by H.D. Thoreau. Thinking about a blue colored bird carrying the sky or the color or reflection of the sky on his indeed poetic!
Art Greeting Card, Blank Card, Original Art, Picasso Bird Keeper, Seascape with Birds, Doves and Pigeons, k Madison Moore
Blue Bird Art Print, Nature Photography, Pastel Art, Jay Bird, Madera Canyon, Bird Wall Print, Bird Photography, Violet
Vintage Bird Cards, Child's Domino Game Cards, Heavy Cardstock, Rectangular Pieces (Lot 1) #5 ok
Pilot Airplane Gift, Airplane Photography, Aircraft Art, Aeronautical Art, Airplane Decor, Wall Art, Aerial Photography, Wing, Sky Art
Sky Art, Clouds Art, Sunset Art, Fine Art Photography, Nature Photography, Arizona Monsoon, Blue Art, Thunderstorm Photography
3 RAVEN Pow Wow cards - pack of three
YAVAPAI Water BLESSING - native american woman
RAGING CROW -  raven, crow, native american, indian, corvid, love
Neil Young Recycled Record Album Cover Book
Vintage 1991 Rolling Stone Magazine - Johnny Depp Cover - Vanilla Ice - Nick Cave - Springsteen - Silence of the Lambs Triple Ad -  #27
the bluebird carries the sky on his back - original ink and watercolor by agnes villeda - agnes in wonderland
Early Risers - Birds on a Wire - Nostalgia CARD or PRINT - "Share the Memories" Collection - Home Decor - Kitchen Art Print (CMEM2013014)
Bird necklace, vintage necklace, blue necklace, Blue Tits necklace, romantic necklace, handmade necklace, bird jewellery
Bird Cuff Bracelet, Great Blue Heron's
All good things are wild and free Henry David Thoreau Canvas Quote Art Quote on Canvas Painting Home Decor Gold Blue Aqua Gift Dorm Decor
Henry David Thoreau Doll Miniature Author of Walden Art Collectible

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