Wednesday, December 30, 2015


OK this is me reaching out to you to help all of us.  January is right around the corner, so all sorts of "new things" will be tested and prodded an poked by whomever is in charge of whatever site you sell on. The only people who will promote sellers ARE the sellers.

Back in the days when our site was run by just a few people who really and truly wanted to start a marketplace that worked for those who wanted to make and sell handmade items, it was a kinder, gentler place. They tried things that worked for their sellers, and some of them worked well.  This of course has changed, and the change is not all to be blamed on those who run it now.  The sheer size of the site prohibits much that used to be done.

We can take a few of those ideas and put them to work AGAIN ... "Us Broads" and those of you who follow us ... IF everyone will participate. I know we live in and with the "ME" generation but it's stupid and selfish to put on the "ME" cloak just because "no one tries to help me".

The idea I have been told about (I wasn't there at the time) was "RUSHING" new stores.  If a new shop opened, it would be announced and EVERYONE would go see it, like it, follow it, and buy from it IF there was something they WANTED.  I think that is a fantastic idea BUT it can't be done without a thumbs up from those of you who read the blog. I don't have time to wander around the site and see if there are any new shops --- NOR do any of you.  BUT when you ARE looking around in Etsy, if you see someone who just recently opened,  would you send me the name of it?  If it's less than four months old I'd call it a new shop.  I will then put a RUSH THIS SHOP announcement up in here.

THEN some of you remember back to when we had a shop of the month .... most everyone was very sweet and grateful for it but since we live in a world of scam artists, I think some were either scared off, not very smart about business, or just not very nice.  SO this would be an easier way of recognizing new shops AND very neat shops too.  Sometimes you see a shop and love the items carried in it, but for some reason the person has zero or near zero sales but has been open for a while. It could be a way of us introducing that shop owner to what marketing and self-promotion can do.

SOOOO I would LOVE to hear from you with a yay or nay ... AND if you have any other ideas about how we sellers can work together, toss them at me!!! AND NO this is NO scam. Just give me your opinion. I would say "use the comments box" but it works about 1/4 of the time -- so write me at: -- and NO I'm NOT putting you on a marketing list or selling your email address :+)  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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