Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CRUELTY TO ANIMALS, Ann's Op Ed Published Today

As all of you know, I and my partners, LOVE animals -- most everyone does but there is that mutated population that abuse and torture animals. What led me to writing a short op ed to our newspaper was a incident that happened last week.  Three beautiful horses' tails were cut off.  Turns out the hair from a horse tail can be used in making strings for stringed instruments and is sold by the pound and brings a good price. A farmer near our city got up one morning two find all the tail hair cut from three of his horses. Not really torture you  think???  Think again -- that's the only protection horses have from hoards of flies in the summer. My punishment for the creeps that did this would be to tie their hands behind their back and put them out in the horse pen for the summer -- but we are civilized (anyway some of us are).  Horse tail hair will take years to grow back. SO the following is what I wrote to the Lincoln Journal-Star ...

"I hope those who have, and those who are contemplating shearing a horse's tail -- or breeding a female dog over and over and over for profit, or sponsoring dog fights, or neglecting cats, realize it is now a FELONY in all 50 states to abuse an animal. That is, of course, if these people can read.

I personally wish cruelty to animals was punishable by death, but, unfortunately, it isn't yet. However, if found guilty, you will receive a stronger sentence and you will always have a felony on your record. That would really add to a job application or any official form you fill out for the rest of your life -- that is if you can write and feel the need to work.

Additionally, for anyone who owns any animal that has been abused, insist on a trial if the cowards are caught, and that our prosecutor bring felony charges against them."

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