Friday, January 22, 2016


OK a heads up for everyone out there.  Whenever our news carries a story about "the IRS calls" and threats being made to the person who answers, I think "How STUPID ... don't these people listen to the news about scams?"  WELL today I fell into one that any one of us at a computer could fall for. I had been getting the message that my Norton virus was going to expire ... every day for the last five days.  SO today I thought "might as well get it done" so I went in and put in my credit card number AND the three digit number from the back of the card. Fortunately it was page after page of instructions -- one of which I DID fill out -- name, address and PHONE NUMBER ... but I kept having problems finding the download. Fortunately the fools who came up with this little plan copied the real Norton page WITH the real Norton phone number. I called them and they told me my Norton did not expire until 2018 --- and to get in touch with my credit card company.

Sure enough ... the charge was already on my account. I said to the gentleman helping me "oh GREAT, it's probably floating all over China" and he said "no, that would probably be India". :+) They say it happens all the time but I had called them within two minutes of talking to Norton.  SO the charge was taken off my card and our account was closed. Our new cards will be here in a couple of days. He also told me to have my computer professional check my computer ... luckily my computer was built, not bought in a store, and I called 'my guy' who said there is absolutely nothing to worry about unless you allowed them to access it -- which I hadn't.

SO just a heads up to everyone. IF you get a notice from  Norton popping up on your screen, the first thing to do is to check the address of the page you are on -- Norton's addres is  NOT anything else (the one on mine was about 30 characters long).   Ann

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