Monday, January 4, 2016


OK ... now over a few days you are going to meet our families ... at least THE most important members ... Ann here ... and I'll start with mine.  I have NEVER lived without a canine (I say canine because my canine can read but I've never introduced him to the word d-o-g)  .... he assumes he is human and since he doesn't have thumbs, he can't open the dictionary to look up "canine".  Actually at our house it's a rule --- NO one says d-o-g .... furball or furbaby are the preferred terms :+)  We got him in 2008, after we had to have our previous Bichon put to sleep, and a year before that, our 19-year-old poodle had to be euthanized.  SO let me introduce you to Beacon ... he's much smarter than any of our grown children and AS smart as our grandchildren (who also outrate their parents :+)

AND yes, of COURSE, he has his own scrapbooks. Why wouldn't he have his own scrapbooks?  :+) (OH and if you want to read the journaling, just click once on the photo and it enlarges)


  1. I had kinda gathered that he was the "guy" of the house, lol, even before this intro! They are always happy to see us, morning, noon and night, they never load us down with drama and love us unconditionally - what is there not to love?!?!

    1. You had surmised correctly of course, Arleen! And you are SOOOO right! They are the absolute example of unconditional love!


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