Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I love love love love this treasury .... ephemera (ie old paper) is my passion .... and I love love love the lady who made this --- That Broad From Etsy, Sandy.  THANK YOU SANDY ... it is definitely a Happy New Year's gift to me!!! Hugs!!

Please everyone, share this across social media and then go visit Sandy's shops by clicking on their names:   HugsAndHolidays, Craft Stuff Depot, Those Broads From Etsy

Old Papers, New Imaginations

I just have so much respect for old paper. It has survived a modern digital world. I would like to show you some of the old paper in this selected shop dating back to the 1800's. A paper artisan's toy store:) Thank you for looking, ~Sandy :)
Antique Post Card - Anticipation - Girl Cooking German Food (L)
1916 Man in the Moon for Ivory Soap Advertisement, Adorable Add, Wonderful Ad Copy, Great Artwork  #399  ok
1800s Autograph Book With Memories, Good Wishes, and Advice For the Young Owner, Beautiful Floral Cover #132 ok
Vintage Ephemera, Bee Supplies Catalogue, Black and White Pages, Collage, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, GA915
1935  Dick and Jane TYPE Book,"Terry and Billy"  Antique School Book, Wonderful Illustrations, Scrapping, Crafts, ATCs, Collage #97 ok
Antique Ephemera, 1800s Sheet Music, Craft Paper Supply, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Art Journal, Decoupage, Collage, Piano Concerto (S) ok
DogsTrade Card From Wills Cigarettes, 1800s Card, Cairn Terrier, Scrapbooking, Collage, Tuck Ins, Card Making, Altered Art  #528 OK
1906 Little Boy Advertisement,  Wonderful Ephemera, Baby Boy for Mellin's Baby Food, Sweet Baby Boy  #374 ok
Sea Life Photos, Sea Mammal, Whale, Dolphin, Orca, Paper Supply, Altered Art, Collage, Scrapbooking (S) ok
Paper Dolls, Brother and Sister, Billy and Betty, 1909 Paper Dolls  #262
1956 Ohio Road Map, Pure Oil Dealer, Vintage Service Station Map, Collection, Ephemera, Mixed Media, Scrapbook, Journal, Gas Station, GA915
1905 Antique Book Pages, Beautifully Yellowed, Text, Illustrations Creative Projects #359 OK
Vintage Ephemera, 1977 Webster Encyclopedia, A to Z Pages, Crafting, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Art Journal, Decoupage, Collage (S) ok
Paper Ephemera, Vintage Sewing, 5 Ounces Vintage Sewing Tissue Paper and Large Gingham Bow (S) ok
1945 Calendar Pages, Know a 1945 Baby?  Great for scrapbooking, Card Making, Altered Art, Collage, Reminder of Age   #377 ok
Three Union Pacific Railroad Antique Envelopes for  Scrapping, Altered Art, Mixed Media, Journals, Swaps  #181 ok

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