Wednesday, February 24, 2016


... AND sorry everyone --- sometimes we just have to take a down time break and I sure have done that ... but here's a great treasury for my return to work from Margaret of

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can..

..decide not to be reduced by them."~ Maya Angelou
Art Print Still Life of Room Matisse Interior Nude Laying on Sofa Snow with Cat Fruit Floral
Red Cardinal Bird Picture, Bird Photography, Wildlife, Gift for Birder, Bird Print, Madera Canyon, Birdlover, Fine Art Nature Photography
City Art, Black and White Photography, New York City, Fine Art Photography, Wall Art, Architecture Art, Manhattan, Urban Art, Skyscrapers
French Cafe by the Sea Art Print, lovers in France, wall art, wall decor, cafe, bisto art, chocolatier paintings, Vickie Wade art
Rod Stewart Recycled Record Album Cover Book
Artist Card, Ballerina, Ballet dancer,blank card, Customisable,greetings card, birthday card,congratulations card, 'Limelight '
GRADUATION CARD - Inspirational Quote by Joseph Campbell - Also available as a Ready-to-frame Print - Great Gift Idea (CGRAD2013067)
Buddy Holly Doll Miniature 1950's Era Art Character
Black American Leaders, Restored Antique Art, Women's Rights Leader, Gift For Teachers  #302
Wheelchair Stunts T-Shirt Joke Funny Tshirt Tee Shirt Disabled
St. Dymphna Statue: Patron of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Workers
Angels watercolor painting print by Cathy Hillegas, 12x16.8, spiritual, healing, contemporary art, abstract, yellow, gold, orange, red, blue
Summer Sunset
FRIENDSHIP CARD - Sweet All Occasion Card - 5"x7" Contemporary Collage Art Card  (CVAL201311)
Original Painting Red Poppies Wall Art flowers original artwork Wall Decor acrylic painting poppy painting Home Decor Decorative
Between Two Windows

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