Thursday, February 4, 2016


This year, I bought all of my gifts on Etsy ... it was a fun experience and a real eye opener. So ... I purchased 16 gifts on Etsy. Everything I purchased was as advertised and extremely nice, so I was pleased with all of the merchandise. However, one stood out.  A necklace whose designer contacted me back immediately about a question I had, and contacted me when she mailed the finished product which was made to order at no extra charge. The necklace arrived on a backing board made for necklaces ... so the chain was protected and  a pocket in front protected the necklace face -- and ON the backing board was printed the name of the shop. This was then slipped into a plastic bag (made to size for the cardboard) and sealed.  This was then put into a paper bag (a very classy bag) and the bag was closed with a seal on which a hand written thank you finished the purchase to perfection.  Is there any doubt in your mind where I'll go when I want another necklace?  Food for thought.

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