Friday, February 5, 2016


OK another Ann perspective. I have seen a NUMBER of shops on Etsy selling items for $1.00.  When I started my shop in 2012, maybe they were there --- but for the most part we were an upscale group of sellers, selling handmade and vintage items, and supplies, for a PROFIT and at a reasonable price.  During the first two years, I could tell my customers were upscale customers ... and mine still are because I haven't cheapened my items ... I still buy and sell quality and I'm sure that most of our followers do too ... the ones I have gotten to know certainly do. Etsy was known as a classy place to shop.

Now I see instant downloads for $1.00.  I see jewelry for $1.00.  I see children's books which are valued at $30.00 being sold for $1.00.  It cheapens the appearance of Etsy and these people don't stop to think ... they spend 20 cents to list the item. It sells. Etsy then takes another 3.5 cents (so 4 cents) for the final value fee. If checkout is through Pay Pal, pay pal takes 3 cents PLUS for each transaction, Pay Pal charges another 30 cents. IF the buyer's payment has to be converted into American dollars they charge again ... forgot to get the rate on that but it's not small. SO we'll figure an American sold to an American buyer. Their $1.00 item turned in to 47 cents ... and then they have to figure in the cost of the item as well, so let's take off another 10 cents --- AND if it's one of those $30.00 children's books they sold, they have to figure in the cost of their envelope .... they probably don't SEND a thank you or wrap it nicely -- if they do they are in the hole. As it is, they are down to about 33 cents for a book which someone else had researched and sold for $30.00.

Unfortunately there is no resolution to this problem ... it's called free commerce ... of course I'm more than happy to buy something they are giving away and put it in my own shop for the right price. Think about that next time you run into a dollar store :+)

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