Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I know, it's been very very quiet in our blog ... and in all of our shops lately.  Sandy has (and still is) getting ready for her only daughter's (and only child's) wedding --- what a wonderful time in her life!! Linda and Ann both still hold 'real world' jobs in addition to managing our shops.  And as most of you know, I (Ann) has cancer, and I spent six weeks recently preparing for and undergoing treatment. I thank God my treatment is not nearly as bad as most cancer patients endure --- the chemotherapy and radiation can be horrendous --- mine is to go without eating anything good for about a month (no salt, no flour, no dairy products (that leaves meat grilled outside and fruits -- oh and unsalted nuts!! :+)  Then I take a radioactive iodine pill and let it find any sign of thyroid in my body and kill it. BUT it includes lots of visits to nuclear medicine and the doctor and radiology.  Then I'd just completed that and my Mother passed away.  The funeral was this past Saturday ... had she lived another month, she would have been 90 years old.

SOOO I am sorry  I haven't been keeping up the blog, and I've missed all of our wonderful followers. My shops (annswhimsey and thosebroadsfrometsy) are now both open again, Linda is also part of the latter and her shop, lillysambrosia is open (as she helps me with the executor duties coming up with my mom's estate). Sandy (unless she's changed this in the last five minutes) still has her stores temporarily closed doing Mother of the Bride things --- but her's will be reopening soon -- Hugs and Holidays and Craft Stuff Depot.

Thank you to those of you who knew about all that's been happening and your wonderful support, and of course a big thanks to Sandy (who is in Georgia feeling bad she can't be here to help) and to Linda who just lives a couple miles from me and can (and is) here to help me climb the next mountain!  :+)  Ann

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