Sunday, April 17, 2016


A huge thanks to Margaret for this gorgeous treasury!  It's sooo beautiful, and I thank you for including my items in this!!!  I hope everyone will enjoy this wonderful collection, and then go visit Margaret's shop --- fireflygirl777 --- her creations are unique and stunning!  Click on the name of her shop and you'll be there!  THANK YOU Margaret!

♭♪"When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls/And the stars begin.. twinkle in the night/In the mist of a memory you wander on back to me/Breathing my name with a sigh..."♬♭~ Nino Tempo and April Stevens
Fine Art Giclee Prints Animal Prints Dogs Cats All Animals from Original Little Miss Pinkett  by k Madison Moore
Fine Art Print Couples Piano Still Life Interior Flamingo from Original Oil Painting A Sunset Stroll with Rousseau by k Madison Moore
Canvas Picture of Flower, Pink Flower, Blue Art, Desert Cactus Flower, Floral Art, Nature Photograph, Cacti, Wildflowers, Ready to Hang
Psychedelic, Surreal, Blue, Cactus, Moon, Arizona, Desert, Cacti, Amethyst, Purple, Photography Print, Square Art, Square Print, Saguaro
Nancy Sinatra Recycled Record Album Cover Book
Greetings Card, Hand Made card, Birthday Card, blank card , Artist card, Alice in Wonderland, White Rabbit
IRIS FLOWERS - Spring Floral Card - Design by Linda Henry - Also available as a Print with a Free Mat or as an Art Block (CFLO201403)
Phil Collins Recycled Record Album Cover Book
Vintage Hankie Handkerchief, Dead Stock, Basket of Lavendar Flowers, Great  for  Framing, Sewing, Crafts, Collage  G13
Nature At Its Finest Restored Art Print, Great Gift for Someone Who Loves Nature's Beauty, Flowers, Fish #355
Vintage Art "Star Light, Star Bright" Restored Vintage Art, 1939, Brother and Sister Look Into the Night,  Print Restored  #107
FAIRY DANCE - Magical Fairies - Fantasy Art - Gnomes and Elves -  Vintage Restored Art Print - 1950s Restored Print
Three Sisters Art Print, three girls paintings flower garden three girlfriends, Forever Friends art, Vickie Wade art
Wildflowers Art Print, garden girl, paintings, prints, brunette girl, flowers, childrens art, home decor, wall art
Don Ho Celebrity Doll Miniature Famous Singer Handmade Creative Art
Garden of Gethsemane - 16 x 24 Fine Art Canvas Print of Stained Glass Window, Garden, Wall Art, Home Decor, Gift

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