Friday, April 1, 2016


One of the other broads, Linda, suggested this to me.  She and I spend a lot of time at auctions and estate sales, and we often find things in the 'stash' we bring home that we have no need for because neither of us is a talented crafter like many of you are.  SOOO in one of my boxes of patterns I'd purchased at an auction, I found this "pattern", if that's what it can be called. I can't draw a straight line, neither can Linda, and painting anything is out of the question for US ... but so many of you can do it -- so here's the "pattern". (I know, it's just a picture and all the directions so to speak say is:  you will need a 1 CC-1020 Candle Cup and a 1 SB-B1000 Spandrel Ball).  If you are crafty and look at the picture you probably know what they mean ... it's ancient Greek to me. SOOO here is the picture. I think they are very cute and someone might just be able to make them to sell in a shop!

I hope this inspires someone -- and if it does, let me know, and I'll be the first buyer (especially if someone can make a dog out of these)  :+)

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