Friday, April 15, 2016

Changes in Life, Changes in Etsy

Hi to everyone --- I'm afraid I'm letting our blog stagnate but, ya know, life sometimes gets in the way.  As I told you, about six weeks ago my mother died.  Three of my siblings and I have been busy making decisions, cleaning out the house, arranging for the "stuff" to be sold, and getting the house ready for sale.  It's tiring, trying, and emotional.

Then Sandy is getting ready for her daughter's (and only child's) wedding which will be this month. That I'm sure is also tiring, trying, AND emotional -- but filled with JOY!

I am also getting ready for the graduation of our second grandchild --- and am caught up in making scrapbooks for him and his best friends.  Am anxiously waiting for pictures from tonight -- his Senior Prom (AND his "little" sister will be going to that with an "older guy" -- a JUNIOR!!)  :+)  EMOTIONS are running high around here!

Linda, our newest broad, is the steadying hand for me.  We live nearby each other and she's always "here" for me when I  need someone to say in a calm voice, "just take it easy, everything will work out".  :+)  Thank you Linda!

And THEN there is Etsy --- and all of the changes it has made. I know there are so many conflicting feelings about this change among all of us who sell on Etsy. I WISH I could say "well HERE is the answer" --- but I have no crystal ball.  I have been doing LOTS of research about other websites, and I have pretty much concluded that:  #1 - Etsy really does not care if we like Etsy or if we do no like Etsy; #2 It's up to each of us to decide what to do and what works for one, will not work for another; and #3 after researching practically every web hosting site and every "build your shop here" site on the internet,  they still all pale in comparison to what Etsy offers, albeit grudgingly.  We have tried three different web hosting sites. All are clumsy compared to Etsy, and we have yet to find one that integrates shopping fees with the shopping cart, and none who offer a spot to put "cost of shipping" and "cost with another item".  I am the great Cart  "Abandoner".  When shopping on line, NOTHING makes me more angry than NOT knowing what the shipping fee will be until I get to check out --- and seldom am I surprised at how HIGH the shipping is.  I've reached the point where, if shipping is not shown in a shop I'm looking at, I leave. SO that tiny little spot where Etsy has "shipping" and "shipping with another item" will probably always tie me to Etsy.   However, if anyone reading this DOES have a crystal ball, PLEASE let "us broads" know what you see  :+)

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