Thursday, August 18, 2016


So many of you have been following our blog for years ... and we are very grateful for that.  Many of you have become friends, friendships we treasure. For the most part you've seen us share treasuries, put up slide shows, and you've watched me give Sandy a hard time :+)  (That will never stop!)  BUT the other day I was writing our "About Us" for our new shop ... and it hit me that I've never really told all of you, whom we have known for quite sometime, about us!  SOOO here's what our shoppers see when the come into our shop https://twobroadsandashop (can't forget to put THAT in)   :+)

I was thinking today about how  sometimes I used to hesitate at buying from a little store on the internet.  Most of us head for bigger places where the sellers are held to some sort of standard (or we THINK they are -- little do we know).  With little, independent shops, we DON'T know the people who run them. Are they honest?  Are they selling exactly what I see in their shop?  Where are they from?  Could they just pack up and leave?  
Well first of all, anyone in any place, big or small, could be dishonest --- out to make a quick dollar or thousand and then disappear.  AND we three have personally found out that the bigger the site, the better your chances are of getting scammed. People can disappear off a BIG site in the blink of an eye -- and if they live on the other side of the world there's no way you are protected. Sure, that can happen with a small site, but small site owners have worked their tails off to build a shop on their own, grow an inventory on their own, and then establish themselves, on their own.  We really want you to know us --- and know you can trust us and that we aren't going to disappear. So a little closer look at us ...
Ann (that's me) is from Lincoln, Nebraska (and yes Lincoln, not Omaha, IS the state capital).  I have been married for 50 (yes five zero) years to my hubby, Ron. We both grew up in a little town about 35 miles outside of Lincoln called ... get ready to laugh ... Beaver Crossing, Nebraska.  We have three grown and married children, and five grandchildren.  In addition to this shop, I also am a medical transcriptionist. I work from my home with that job too, and am down to now transcribing three days a week, leaving me plenty of time to work on our shop. For 20 years, I also owned a resume' writing and job placement company (a one woman business) and loved doing that.  I sold on Etsy for four years and hubby and I sold for many years on ebay, right from its start-up.  When it got really huge and really expensive to sell there,  we decided "no more".  He stuck to it. Obviously, I didn't. 
Sandy ... oh the stories I can tell you about Sandy -- but she swears me to secrecy :+)  Sandy lives in Decatur, Georgia, near Atlanta.  She has one daughter, who recently presented her with a son-in-law and now she's planning on grandchildren.  (Her daughter and son-in-law don't know just how MUCH she's cheering for them to have a baby).  Sandy and I met while selling on Etsy.  She befriended me and helped me learn the ropes at Etsy and we became close friends. She has sold on line for at least 15 years (selling on ebay before Etsy), plus she also sells to community groups in Georgia, Florida, and other places "out east" and "down south".  She managed her husband's multi-facility veterinary practice for umpteen years and she also worked for the school board in Decatur for many years before her retirement.     
And then there's Linda.  She is from Waverly, Nebraska which is about six miles from Lincoln, but she and her husband live in the country, so she's probably four miles from my house.  Linda and I met through Linda's husband when he sold my husband and me a car (selling runs in Linda's family).  As it turned out, he and I are cousins (distant) so we visited throughout the purchase ... and he kept saying "I can't BELIEVE how much alike you and my wife are" (over and over again).  About the fifth time he said it he added "you have GOT to meet my wife" and, after repeating that a dozen times, he gave me her telephone number.  A couple of weeks later I called her and as they say, the rest is history.  Linda as you might guess, is married, and they have three children and six grandchildren. Linda is newer to on line selling, but with Sandy and me as her guide dogs, she has learned very quickly.
I do hope you can see us as just down home, every day people who are here, not only to help you find just the right item, but who also will get to know you over the years to come.  I know lots of our shoppers from Etsy who became friends after we met over their first long distance purchase ... and that's one of the things all three of us love most about selling on line in a not so big store!  We know people from everywhere!!

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