Sunday, August 7, 2016


A week from tomorrow we open the doors to our new shop ... I think if Sandy and I had our way we'd open it tonight!!! BUT right now we have over a thousand MORE items to put in, and while they certainly won't all be IN the shop when we open, there are already PLENTY there now ... and we hope to add to it in the next eight days!

Today Sandy and I were talking and I said "well I suppose I'd best get back to work .... yeah work, if you can call it that".  She responded "Yes you're right, we should call it something like "Intense Playing" or "The Game That Never Ends" or "What Happens Next" :+)  AND you know it is SO neat to be "working" at something we love. I am still working three days a week at my medical transcription job, but at least I do that from home.  I can just imagine someone saying to me, "OK, you are hired, and we want you to be here at 8:00 A.M. every day."  "YOU WANT ME TO WHAT???" And we close the office at 5:00.  "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME".  "Oh and you don't have to REALLY dress up.  You can wear flats instead of heels with your dress."  "PEOPLE STILL WEAR DRESSES?" I have worked from my home for 30 years ... and have done so grudgingly the last four or so years ... SO now that we can rely on our on algorithm and set up our own marketing, I fully hope to be a ONE JOB person soon!

SO a week from tomorrow I hope you'll all break down the doors at the new shop -- we will be announcing it again in here -- and it's okay if you DO literally break down the doors --- we built our shop on solid ground and they will fix it :+)

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