Sunday, August 21, 2016

We're Feeling at Home

We are all three settled in our new home, Two Broads and a Shop --- I know the name is misleading but we ended up three instead of two.

Autumn is moving in here in Nebraska. This week our nights are to get down into the 50s and 60s ... I so love fall.  This was always my grandma's favorite time of the year and I miss her more (if that's possible) in autumn, than the rest of the year.  When I was young, come this time of year, I would help her in the garden and orchard, and then as she canned and froze vegetables and fruit, Grandad would have to watch me "so she doesn't end up getting burned" my grandma would tell him, as she stood over steaming kettles.  After I married and we moved away from our little home town, each Fall I would drive out to see her at least once a week, and take her for a drive out in the country where she so enjoyed the beautiful colors, and watching the farmers harvest.  Those were such wonderful times.

THIS Fall, I'll probably be either cleaning or working in the new shop but the last couple of weeks, I've stayed with the shop so I could sit and work and watch the Olympics.  Such fun "games".

I want to thank my former Etsy shoppers for following us to our new shop ... and for your input.  This has been one bad year in Etsy, and for those of you who aren't aware, be alert when you are shopping there. They have been double charging our shoppers.  Check your credit card statement and Pay Pal account carefully. It has been happening less and less BUT IS still happening.  And if you can't find the store you are looking for, hopefully you have a business card with their email on it, as many, many of the vendors have left for new 'homes'.  That way you can email them and find out where they now are.

It doesn't seem possibly that soon Labor Day will be here. AND for everyone who crafts for Christmas, you'd better be busy OR you'd BETTER get started!  Labor Day has always been the unofficial end of summer --- so next thing you know, we will be planning Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Linda and I were at Hobby Lobby yesterday and of course, THERE, it already IS Christmas .. all the decorations and trees are out on display.

Here are a couple of ideas for gifts for upcoming holidays ....

This would be a wonderful print to mat and frame for your BFF

And if you have a nurse in your life, what better gift?  :+)

Happy new week to all!

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