Wednesday, August 3, 2016


We've reached the countdown!!!  I hope you'll all wish us well as we leave Etsy for our own shop ... and remember that we've changed the name of the blog to!  AND of course we hope you will come visit us once we are in the new shop.

AND as you know from my last post, Sandy did decide to join us ... Linda and I were soooo happy. There was only one TINY problem.  You see, our Sandy is a thinker (Linda and I have never been accused of that :+)  SO she thought things over ... and while Sandy was thinking, Linda and I were planning and I was busy setting up the shop. AND I was also ordering business cards ... 1500 of them to be exact.  In fact, I already had them in my office when Sandy stopped thinking and decided it WAS time to move.

Now what to do with 1500 rather expensive cards?  Linda came up with the first idea.  "Just put a note at the top of our shop explaining we can't count".  THEN, leave it to Sandy. SHE had the answer. She said "I'll be the shop".  NOW that makes perfect sense to me --- so we are still Two Broads and A Shop (until we have our first 1500 sales and then ... well THEN we'll STILL be Two Broads and A Shop because we do NOT want to change names again) :+)

SO what you may see in your wanderings around the internet:  Lilly's Ambrosia (Linda's shop) will be closed. Those Broads From Etsy (the shop the belonged to the three of us) will remain on vacation and so will annswhimsey until we KNOW we won't need any of the inventory that still sits in the shops.  When we have everything moved we want to move, we will probably go off vacation and close the Etsy shops. Sandy's Hugs and Holidays will probably be on a very long vacation as well. One shop will be left, and that will be  the shop Sandy started, and one that I also sell in, Craft Stuff Depot.  There you can buy supplies for crafting and scrapbooking but don't be surprised if that one eventually closes as well.

To all of our shoppers who follow us here, you will know when the new store is officially open ... we'll be sending out emails with the address to you.  AND for others who follow us -- you can be certain we will make a huge announcement here -- and it is happening THIS MONTH!!!

Hugs to all! Ann

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