Thursday, September 1, 2016


Well hello from our new shop, Two Broads and A Shop.  FIRST I want to tell you that Sandy and I have maintained a small presence on Etsy ... annswhimsey is still open with all of the art prints I've always sold and Craft Stuff Depot will soon be open with crafting supplies.  Other than that, we are gone, and we invite you to come visit us at Two Broads (link above).

NOW FOR THE THINGS WE'VE LEARNED ... and this should help all sellers who own their own shops outside of Etsy AND I think all of this can be implemented on Etsy as well.  And a big thank you to Marsha Muller who gave us this information to work with .. she markets our shop for us (and she does this for many Etsy shops as well).  Here are some guidelines to get into google.

1.  TITLES: Your titles must be NO LONGER than 70 characters.  I know Etsy allows only "x" amount of characters but if it is MORE than 70, STOP at 70. (I can't remember what they have their's set for). Titles that are too long can be blacklisted by boots/spiders crawling sites and will not show up in search engines queries.  Titles MUST be rich in keywords.  Luckily in our new shop we are allowed as many as we want, BUT, I put the most important at the beginning (and remember, in Etsy you have to do it backwards since you want the most important one to be FIRST) 

2. TITLE PUNCTUATION: Do not use punctuation. Some punctuation marks are actually code for other things and your title will be ignored. The title may look a little dumb without quotes around a title or commas where needed but you aren't writing your title for the customer, but rather for the search engines. 

3. DESCRIPTIONS: Spiders crawl descriptions BUT they only pick up the first 115 characters of your description.  Google suggests you REPEAT the title as the first sentence of your description (just copy and paste it as the first sentence). Again, you are not writing for the shopper, but for the SEARCH ENGINES.  From there you CAN write for the shopper -- going into more detail about the item you are selling. 

4.  TAGS/KEYWORDS: Think like a shopper. If YOU were looking for something you sell, what would be the first word you would put into a search?  An example: You are selling a silk scarf.  Maybe a buyer thinks "I want to find a neat scarf".  START your keywords with scarf. THEN silk scarf. Then women's accessory. Then if it's a well known name brand put the name of the brand ending with scarf. Put women's scarf. Handmade scarf if it is.  Vintage scarf if it is.   Pattern as in "paisley scarf" if it is. And continue till you've hit your limit. (I love not having a limit but you MUST prioritize them in the order you think a potential buyer would search). 

If you want to find Marsha just google "My Texas Treasures + Bonanza".  She comes up right at the top! AND to visit us just click on the name of our shop in paragraph one.  I hope this helps you on-line sellers! 

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