Saturday, September 17, 2016

IT'S A GAME .... ANNNNDDDD All of YOU are "It"

OKAY, Sandy and I were talking today about how much you, our followers, mean to us. We have made so many friends through this blog ... we are definitely blessed.

THEN we were talking about the shop and how we want people to visit us there and BINGO we came up with a game!  We hope you'll all "play" (many times)!!!

Three steps ... first go to our shop and create an account.  (AND while you're there you can -- but are not required to -- look around :+)

Second: After you have signed up, refer your friends, your relatives, your co-workers -- anyone -- to our shop.  And be SURE to email us each time you refer someone ... giving us their name (just their name, no email needed).  Send the referrals to us at

Third:  IF your referrals come to see our shop AND sign in (create an account) you get a point.   And be sure to tell those you refer that if THEY refer THEIR friends, they should do the same thing ... email us with names.

The rest is easy --- whomever gets the most points wins and we will make sure your efforts are rewarded with a nice "prize".  Have FUN with this ... and I bet you'll be surprised at how many people you know!  OH and share this post on google plus so everyone can play!   1-2-3 GO!!!

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