Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I was asked “why did I go into a partnership with another vendor instead of just keeping my own shop”?
I guess that I could have just given a curt answer of “because I wanted to”, but that is petty and unprofessional, and it really doesn’t answer the question intelligently.
Ann and I have a very special relationship.  Until a few years ago we never knew that each other existed.  We believe that the Good Lord put us together.  I live in Georgia and she lives in Nebraska.  I am truly a Southerner and she is truly a Mid-Western Yankee.  I am African and Irish, and she is German.  She is a fast-pace-adventurous-fearless little lady, and I am more the take-time-think-about-it lady, and I haven’t been tiny in 27 years.  How many opposites do you need in this list?
If you have ever heard the old saying that opposites attract, well I guess we are living proof.  We are exactly alike, yet nothing alike . . . get it?  So now you are really scratching your head and wondering where this is going.
We both have the same goals and are on the same page with each other and with our shop.  Ann is heavy into antiques, vintage, and art.  I am totally handmade in fabric and paper.  Together Ann and I have sold 5,365 items from our inventory just on Etsy.  We have both sold on Ebay, and I have numerous local sales.  
The glue that holds us together as friends and as business partners is respect for our differences and honestly with the good, bad, and ugly.  We have a special kind of love for each other.  We feel like sisters and sometimes we fuss at each other like sisters.  We don’t always agree on how to do something, but we never fail to get it done in a manner that pleases and benefits both of us.

I couldn’t ask for a better person coming into my life.  She is the first person that I talk to each morning (after the cats) and I am the last person she says goodnight to every night.  (If you are saying no, it’s her husband, it is not; he is already asleep) . . . AND . . . we have never met each other face to face.  
A note from Ann.  I had NO idea Sandy was writing this unti lit arrived in my email box this morning.  I am so humbled by her sharing our friendship with everyone, a friendship I thank God for each day of my life!  Thank you, my dear friend, for writing this, for being my friend, and yes yes yes for being my business partner!!!!  

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