Thursday, September 15, 2016


Ann here -- and yes our resident hermit wants to share Two Broads And A Shop with you .... so here it is, from Sandy!!

Do you enjoy SHOPPING?  Shopping, as in going to a department store to see “what's new”, or going to a store to buy something in particular and then find yourself wandering from department to department looking at all the merchandise?  I will run to Target for just a birthday card and then roam
around the departments with all the kitchen stuff, toys, and craft supplies. Then I usually come home with something I'd forgotten I needed or with a great Christmas gift for someone on my list.

Gordman's is next to heaven for my granddaughter and me.  We first go in for the clothes she must have and then we end up spending an hour or two looking at all the neat things for the house and for her bedroom in the Home Department. AND if, time permitting, we go to Nordstrom's or Dillard's for clothes, we MUST stop by the Bridal Shop so she can dream (and I can dream with her).

Shopping is a hobby, shopping is a treasure hunt ... and shopping is what you will find at Two Broads and A Shop.  You may come in looking for a picture for your daughter's room and leave with it, but along with a gift for your cousin's wedding!  You might decide to get some vintage hankies for framing and find a counted cross stitch kit that you know you can finish in time for giving as a Christmas gift.

Perhaps you also have a granddaughter who loves to look at wedding accessories while you look at antiques. That's where Two Broads and a Shop comes in. We have a variety of departments ... which are being filled with more merchandise daily,  growing larger every day.  Our Art Department offers an almost endless supply of prints to cover any topic you can imagine, including the perfect print that reminds you of someone, or brings back a precious memory of days gone by, or is a silly print for a silly, adorable friend.

We also carry a great selection of fabric gift wrap bags in our Handmade Department to make your gift become “a gift wrapped in a gift”. You might find a handmade gift in Handmade that is absolutely PERFECT and while you're there, get a handmade gift bag for it.

Two Broads and A Shop is a great place to start your day, browsing while you're having that first cup of coffee -- and it's  just as great a place to relax and wind down at the end of the day. I'm sure no employers are reading this (wink), so I can also say it's a fun place to go on break
wile you're at work ... unless your employer has extra eyes on you and your computer!

We also have a NO Department . . . no traffic, no parking, no stop and get some gas, no closed hours, no muggers, and no taxes. Nope you don't have to fight traffic, and you can shop at night without having to put your life at risk finding your car in the parking lot!

Visit us at: and we’ll leave the lights on.

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