Thursday, September 29, 2016

We Who Love Furballs

I never refer to our (shhhh "dog") as a (shhhh "dog').  He doesn't know he is one. He is a furry little person and much more kind than half of the humans I know :+) If you love a pet, you know exactly what I mean.  They don't judge us.  Their love is unconditional.  They are part of our families, completely and totally.

Losing a pet is losing part of ourselves.  We had a 19 year old poodle we had to have put to sleep and it nearly killed both of us.  He could no longer see, he could no longer run, he could no longer walk without pain. So out of our deep love for him we let him go.  The following year, our 15 year old Bichon was in heart failure when we made that dreaded trip to the veterinarian's office. We swore, "never again".  It hurt too much.

Our veterinarian is in a small town outside of Lincoln ... about a 10 minute drive.  When we left her office, my husband said "never again" and I said "yes, never again".  We drove to the highway (about two minutes away) and hubby said "well, maybe someday".  About five minutes down the highway I said "yes maybe someday".  When we got home we walked into a very empty house. It's amazing how much life a little white furball gave the house ... just by his "being".  We were both in tears of course.

About ten minutes after being in the oh so quiet and empty house my husband said, "Did you see the pictures of the Bichons at the rescue center?"  I told him yes I had .... and "maybe someday".  He said, "you know they get adopted quickly".  And so I picked up the phone and called them.  Within two weeks Beacon had joined our family.  WE are like everyone who loves their pets ... we love them so much that the idea of being without them is impossible.

Our two who left us a year apart (Spooky and Spunky) are in their little boxes on our dressers but I kept a few ashes for myself and wear them on a bracelet.  That is also when I began selling "pet urn" jewelry.   I put a few ashes from their cremains into these and got a bracelet for them.  it is amazing how much comfort I get from this. People who don't love pets probably think I'm crazy but I'd rather be a crazy dog (or cat) lady than not have a heart big enough to love animals!

 Always in My Heart Paw Prints

Now this is the little guy who runs our house ... Beacon, whom I mentioned before.  And the look on his face?  This is the first furball I've met who despises having his picture taken :+)

Beacon (you can call me SIR) :+)

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