Wednesday, December 14, 2016

IS EVERYONE READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS?  I ask this as I sit surrounded by mounds of gifts to be wrapped ... AND we haven't put up our Christmas tree (Sandy's and my tree for here in the blog) yet this year and I'm running out of time.  PLUS it's been so long since I wrote in here, I'm going to have to review to see how to put up a picture :+)

As our followers know already, we returned to Etsy, and are so glad we did.  Leaving "home" certainly made us want to go BACK home.

Friend, Linda, had told me we were going shopping this coming Saturday. I said "are you nuts?" and she denied it even though I knew I was right. SHE went with me last Saturday and bought ONE thing,  while I did nearly all of my Christmas shopping. Now she wants ME to got with HER the last Saturday (technically) before Christmas. NO WAY.  I will finish wrapping on Saturday ... and knowing Linda she will wrap all day on Christmas Eve :+)

This was a different year for us, buying for grandkids. Our oldest grandson is in college, on a football scholarship, and not here in our city. SOOOO what does he need, want?  He's either practicing, training, or studying (I hope in the reverse order). I called my daughter, his mom, and she said she, too, was having trouble with buying for him this year. SO we ended up with a plan. We are both buying him lots of gift certificates for food places (and if they happen to be fast food, well the cholesterol and fat will get run out of him during training and practice) and for the "his mind is dead" time, she's buying him some PlayStation certificates.  What more could a college kid want :+)   And his "little" sister will graduate this next Spring and be off to college so things for her room are no longer needed, she's not ready for the fridge for the dorm room or anything like that ... so SHE is getting lots of gift certificates too.  Hubby and I spent the morning driving from one place to another and I THINK we are ready --- what's this "we" thing. HE is ready, I am the one who has all the packages to wrap!!!

I HOPE I'll be able to remember how to put up the tree in here, but if I don't get around to it or go totally blank trying to put it up, just know that you are wished a wonderful holiday season from Ann and Sandy!!!

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