Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Giving Time of the Year

This is definitely the time of the year most donations are sought and most donations are given. We are in a "feel good" time ... and sad stories touch our hearts.

I spend a lot of time at my computer, because of my Etsy shop.  I always have t.v. on "in the background" but at this time of year I, who LOVE animals, am hit time and time again with very sad and touching commercials asking for donations to the nation's largest "saviors of dogs". These sound bites break my heart, and I've always ignored them as best I could because I knew the administration receive salaries. Little did I know how much! Today I looked up the salaries. It is a LONG list, but let me say just this -- five directors each receive $87,140 per year. That's about a half million dollars.  And THAT is just to the directors. Many , many other volunteers are actually employees.  Our donations pay them.  Their salaries are also listed.

I prefer to know that when I donate, my money is going 100% for the animals. I'm sure I could research and find many animal shelters across the United States run strictly by volunteers, no pay necessary or accepted. In Nebraska, I don't have to look very far and 10% of everything I sell in my shop goes to Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, Nebraska. No animal is EVER "put down" there. The animals live out their lives at HUA, should they not be lucky enough to be adopted.  No animal is ever euthanized.  NO ONE at HUA receives pay. Not one cent. NO one.

When you see commercials on television about dogs, cats, and other animals who need support, find out if their directors are paid. See if their employees are paid. See if they give up on "unadoptable" animals and euthanize them.  THEN go read about Hearts United for Animals .... before you go there grab a cup of coffee or tea or whatever because you will be there for a while :+)  And no I have nothing to do with this organization except my donations.  I was "signed up" to become a volunteer and then a month later was diagnosed with cancer ... and I've been pretty busy for the last two years running to  the doctors.  So I've never met any of these people .... only through emails and in phone conversations.  I'm sure you can also find other completely volunteer organizations such as HUA by googling "pet shelters with 100% volunteer staff and directors".

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